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The British’s establishment of Singapore as a trading post in 1819 and their subsequent economic development of Singapore and Malaya resulted in increased economic activities and high demand for manual labor. This was great opportunity for many Chinese living in the chaotic world of Qing China.

Many Chinese went overseas in search of work to support their families. A popular destination was Nanyang or today’s South East Asia. Among these migrants were people from Koh Leng Tao (古甯头), Kinmen, an island between Fujian in China and Taiwan.

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Our Heritage

During the Ming Dynasty, 應祥公 landed in 古寗 to escape from the chaotic times in the mainland. Here, he planted roots by marrying a local lady 张氏 and his descendants grow in large numbers. They take up residences in 南山 , 北山 and 林厝 . From the three villages,..the clan spread to South-East Asia and now to other parts of the world in these modern times.

Our wise ancestors laid down a “generation name” system. In this way, any descendant is able to relate to other clanmen from 古寗 by knowing his generation name.

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